Vereum is an open blockchain platform that lets anyone build and use decentralized applications and software testing applications like BitQT plattform test that run on blockchain technology.



Unlike the Bitcoin protocol, Vereum was designed to be adaptable and flexible. It is easy to create new applications on the Vereum platform, and with the Vereumjelly release, it is now safe for anyone to use those applications.



Imagine a world where businesses and people from all walks of like can easily create their own cryptocurrency or decentralized application. Vereum is now that reality.

Technical Whitepaper

About Vereum

Vereum was developed with a vision to bring the world closer to digitalised payments in the form of decentralisation via the blockchain.

It allows a user to create their own decentralised cryptocurrency or application with ease. Auto trade with Bitcoin Evolution trading app to learn how much profit you can earn on a daily basis. The developed Vereum platform will be the base where users can develop and build, and our team will offer a full support service.

  • Transparency

    Vereum is a completely open source platform, enabling transparency for users and developers

  • Wallet

    Vereum will feature an integrated wallet that safely store ETH and VereumCoin

  • Simplicity

    The Vereum platform is revolutionary, long are the days of struggling though complexity, Vereum is easy

  • uniqueness

    Vereum is unique because for the first time ever you can create your own digital asset with ease

  • support

    We have an experienced team that can consult with you and assist through your project

  • Make money

    You can make money with Vereum. Whether it be investing, creating your own coin or application.

See Vereum in Action

Click video to view the Vereum platform which will revolutionise cryptocurrency:

Latest News

token crowdsale

The ICO will be subdivided into four main phases. The first is the Pre-ICO where 20 million VMC coins will be available for sale at a price if $0.02. This will be the biggest discount. This shifts to the 1st Phase of the ICO where 25 million VMC coins will be available at $0.45 per coin. In the second phases of the ICO, 25 Million VMC will be available at the cost of $0.75 per coin. In the 3rd phase, there will be another 25 million VMC coins available, but this will cost $1.50 per coin. The total amount that the ICO aims to raise is $61,400,000. This is the hard cap.

  • $0.02 20 days 20 million coins 1 million coins daily
  • $0.45 10 days 25 million coins 2.5 million coins daily
  • $0.75 10 days 25 million coins 2.5 million coins daily
  • $1.50 10 days 25 million coins 2.5 million coins daily

Funds distribution

The funds raised during the ICO will be used in the following way. From the proceeds, 39 percent will be used for development of the blockchain and the other Vereum offerings. 27 percent will be used for promotion of the platform to businesses. An additional 16 percent will be used in boosting the security of the blockchain. 8 percent will be allocated to the team while another 4 percent will be reserved for legal and any additional expenses that may crop up.

  • Development39%
  • Marketing27%
  • Security16%
  • Reserve8%
  • Team6%
  • Legal4%

current distribution

stage: PRE-Sale

  • Pre Sale (20million VMC)
  • 1st Round (25million VMC)
  • 2st Round (25million VMC)
  • 3st Round (25million VMC)
1325170.832 VMC SOLD

Registration Opens In:


road map

The future is exciting.
  • 2018 Vereum launches Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
  • 2018 The Vereum platform is launched enabling users to benefit
  • 2019 Launch of mobile Vereum application for faster payments
  • 2020 Development of new partnership and software integrations
  • 2021 Be a top 5 criptocurrency on coinmarketcap

what is Vereum vmc22 & Vereumjelly

VMC22 is a cryptocurrency algorithm based on Vereumjelly VMC22 coins are all based on the Vereumjelly technology and can be adopted by anyone. It Shares one API that can be modified by anyone that uses Vereum to build applications and coins. This API will also be given to major exchanges, and they can start accepting your payments anywhere on the web or even implement your coin to your website.

All of the applications and coins that are built on the VMC22 technology are 100% decentralized, how do we know that they are decentralized? Because all code is 100% open source and you can review it on GitHub for yourself, however, people can modify their coins however they wish so you must do your research before using a coin built by anyone on the Vereum platform.

Vereumjelly is an update to the Vereum platform. It includes faster node sync and bug fixes (update: Vereumjelly is stable to use) We have been testing Vereumjelly for 3 months before our ICO to ensure a smooth launch of our platform and coin.

Can i fundraise my idea using vmc

Absolutely, YES! We have no control over what you do with your coin, you set the name, abbreviation, supply and our system will have your coin ready instantly, no programming knowledge, no waiting time and small fees (all fees are in VMC) with VMC22 you can build any application not just coins.

Vereum sector applications

  • Corporations

    Build your own payment system for your business with Vereum

  • education

    Suitable for education establishments for security

  • defence

    Suitable for defence industry

  • small business

    From hotels, shops, gyms and more, creating applications around your coin

  • health services

    Use Vereum to send secure information

  • Gaming

    Build applications using the Vereum platform

Benefits of Vereum

Vereum has a range of benefits, contributing to its new revolution.
  • Transaction Speeds

    The Vereum network is efficient and adaptable to new pressure, making transaction speeds quick

  • Security

    We are investing into state-of-art security in order to protect our partners

  • Anonymity

    Utilising the blockchain technology will render the Vereum network as anonymous

  • Mining

    You will have the ability to mine Vereum, along with your own coin

History of Vereum

  • 2013 The idea for Vereum is conceived, market research is carried out
  • 2014 Initial development of Vereum is launched and investigated
  • 2015 The Vereum team is recruited, business plan is developed
  • 2017 The first prototype program is tested and security is put in place
  • 2018 Final Testing complete. Vereum will be born with an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The Team

Our Team is made up of professionals and experts in this field.
  • Fact

    Rublev started his journey working as an intern for a software development company

  • Fact

    Mats is a marketing expert and has consulted for some of the world’s biggest corporations

  • Fact

    Alexander has developed over 100 blockchain related applications

  • Fact

    Thomas is an expert in server security and anti-virus

  • Fact

    Dipansu is the main blockchain developer for the Vereum Project

  • Fact

    David is a blockchain expert and hard coder

  • Fact

    Gabriella has worked for software companies her whole life

  • Fact

    Peter has integrated games and applications for many years. He is an expert in the field

  • Fact

    Daniel developed his first website at the age of 8 years old

  • Fact

    Antonio is an expert in the development of commerce applications

  • Fact

    Abayomi is the creative inspiration behind Vereum

  • Fact

    Eloise has won awards for creative intuitiveness and innovation

  • Fact

    Natalia is an professional cinematographer and expert in visual communications

  • Fact

    Luis is a PR & Social Media professional

  • Fact

    Mark has been an expert on cryptocurrency since inception

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